Top Tips for Buying Lingerie Online

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Shopping online for lingerie is not only convenient it also gives you the opportunity to explore different styles and brands. However, many women shy away from shopping for intimates such as lingerie and sexy beach wears because they fear they won’t get a good fit. If this is you, use the tips below to help you find lingerie online that fits well and will make you feel sexy and confident.

  • Take your measurements every time: One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for lingerie online is not taking their measurements. Taking your measurements has two benefits. The first is that you will ensure you get accurate sizes based on your current measurements. Seeing as your body changes over time, it is best to take your measurements each time you shop. The second benefit is that you can use your measurements to identify the best size based on the size charts provided. Sizes differ from one brand to another. If you want to order a style that fits, you should always compare your measurements to the size chart provided.
  • Read the description: The product description isn’t there just to convince you to purchase the item. It is there to give you a better understanding of the product and help you determine what would be a good buy. When shopping for lingerie online, look out for phrases such as stretchy fabric, one size, high stretch and more. These phrases will help you get a better idea of how the item will fit so you can order the best size for you.

  • Consider purchasing more than one size: Finding the right size can be a challenge, especially when shopping for bra and pant sets. Buying more than one size will help you find the best fit for your body. You can then stick to this size for your next purchase.
  • Buy separates: Whenever possible, it is advisable to purchase separates. Buying the top and bottom separately offers two benefits. The first is that you will get a better fit on your first try. Many people’s bodies aren’t the same size all through. Your bust may be an XL and your hips may be an L. You can order an XL top and an L bottom.

The second benefit of ordering separates is that you have more control over the final look. You can combine tops and bottoms based on your personal style and preferences.

If you’ve been avoiding shopping for lingerie online, use the tips above to find pieces that will make you feel sexy and confident.

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